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Different Types of Roof

The roof protects the house or any structures from natural elements, so it is only proper that you choose the best one for your homes. The roof has three aspects of design - materials, construction, and durability. The materials refer to how the roof itself was made from. At the same time, the construction is defined by its structural builds like the frames, the pitch (roof rising), space, and others. On the other hand, durability determines the strength, lifespan, and accessibility when the roof needs repair.

There are many available designs and materials that you can choose from for your roof. However, your choice is still likely relevant to some factors such as the roof type, your house design, your budget, and other factors to consider.

1. Gable Roof

It is the most popular roof selection because of its classic design. It is built with two sections of sloping roofs with their horizontal edges meeting at the high point. This roof is applicable in areas where the temperature is cold. The design is straightforward but very practical. It is convenient for many different types of weather. However, if the gable roof is constructed in the lower position, it may lose more functional space.

2. Hip Roof

It is characterized by roofs slightly sloping downwards. A ridge connects the horizontal edges on the top. It is often the most popular roof choice in the US because of its modern, functional design lines and durability. The slanting roof design allows the snow to slide down and easy removal. It can be noted that the hip roof requires more effort in construction.

3. Dutch Roof

What makes the dutch roof special is small gable roofs or gablets at the top of a hip roof. So this is the combination of a hip roof and a gablet roof.

4. Mansard Roof

This roof is characterized by a gambrel-style hip roof with four sides and two slopes on both sides. The lower slope is impaled with dormer windows. This design is perfect for maximizing more space in the attic area.

5. Flat Roof

As the name suggests, a flat roof is a type of room at the same level. A flat roof allows more outdoor space, which is ideal for areas with limited outdoor space. This type of roof is commonly seen in places with arid temperatures and weather.

6. Shed Roof

The feature of a shed roof is its single sloping roof, which can be seen not attached to other single sloped roofs. The roofs have varying sizes and can be placed under a more prominent single roof. This roof type is often observed in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

7. Butterfly Roof

It is often called the V roof because of its V shape. The sloping roofs are installed invertedly, with the two opposing edges meeting at the valley point.

8. Gambrel Roof

This roof is made of 2 opposing sloping roofs, with the other roof shallower than the other, commonly seen in barns. This roof style allows more usable space.

Metal Roofing San Jose

There is a plethora of roof material that you can choose from. Metal is just one of the many available roof materials popularly used by many house owners. Here are the pros and cons of it.


  • The lifespan of metal roofing is relatively longer compared to other roof materials. For the metal roof to last long, maintain it properly, seal the water out and install it properly.
  • The metal roof is light in weight, so you do not need many supporting frames for it.
  • Installation of this roofing material is relatively easier compared to others.
  • It is also fire and heat-resistant.
  • The metal roof surface is quite slippery, so it works well with snow.


  • It can be quite expensive. A metal roof can cost up to $150 to $600 per square.
  • It is not noise-resistant.
  • It is susceptible to denting
  • If not regularly check, metal’s paint can peel off.
  • If the metal roof is old or not installed properly, it may lead to leaking.

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